The Author

Brian_Read_Author_Quitnic_thumbBrian Read has lived his whole life in South Africa. He was born at the close of the Second World War in 1945. One of the most significant things he learned at school was how to smoke. In those days, the early 1960’s, the harmful effects of smoking were largely unknown. His mother always warned him that if he smoked he would grow up to be short like his Grandfather. Although this had some effect it was not enough to stop him. Once he passed five foot two, his Grandfather’s height, he pretty much stopped worrying about this.

Brian gave up smoking for the first time in 1962. This only lasted for about six months. By this time he had finished school and smoking was socially well accepted. Smoking in aircraft, cinemas and any other public places was the norm. He never considered that there might be any serious need to give up.

It was only in the 1980’s that he made his second serious attempt to quit. This time he remained free for about six years. His last attempt was in October 2011 and he has remained free since.